The story of Old Amsterdam

  • A characteristic story

    A characteristic story

    The story of Old Amsterdam is a tale of passion and dedication. This characteristic cheese has its origins at the end of the nineteenth century, when a quest for the rich, authentic flavour of yore would lead to one of the best-loved cheese products ever made.

  • The change

    The change

    The Westland family was a family of fishermen until the construction of the Afsluitdijk in 1932. In search of a new tradition, they fortunately soon found a new passion, namely cheese.

  • A clear mission

    A clear mission

    Lambert Westland had a clear mission. He wanted Westland to produce a cheese that was just as delicious as the mature cheese that his mother always brought with her from the Jordaan district of Amsterdam. That cheese was savoury, slightly sweet and very smooth and creamy.

  • A well-guarded family secret

    A well-guarded family secret

    Lambert started experimenting with his own recipes. However, it proved difficult to get the taste and quality just right. Luckily the family refused to give up, and after years of perseverance and experimentation they finally discovered the unique lactic acid and special maturation process that brings the specific character of this mature cheese to life. The exact recipe is a well-guarded family secret.

  • Timeless quality

    Timeless quality

    This special cheese was given a special name: Old Amsterdam. The word old relates to the mature flavour but also to the traditional character of the cheese, whereas the use of English is a proud declaration of the export quality of the cheese. The conspicuous black rind was chosen to emphasise the timeless character of the cheese.

  • International award

    International award

    Old Amsterdam was officially introduced to the Netherlands in 1985. The cheese is a resounding success in both domestic and foreign markets and has won many international prizes.

  • The best of the past, the best of today

    The best of the past,
    the best of today

    Nowadays state-of-the-art equipment is used for the production and maturation of the cheese. Even so, the fundamental process is still based on the traditional high-quality methods that have been used for centuries. This sums up the approach of the Westland family: combining the best of the past with the best of today.

  • Cheese full of character

    Cheese full of character

    Today, Old Amsterdam is still the same matured cheese with a distinctive character. Its rich, intense taste is and remains the result of that lengthy search for authentic preparation. Old Amsterdam, one big chunk of character, born from a pure passion for cheese!