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  • It is better to refrain from eating any cheese. However, if you like cheese very much, we recommend a Gouda 48+ cheese such as Old Amsterdam, as these cheeses contain less protein than 30+ cheeses.

    Which cheese can I eat if I am on a low-protein diet?

  • The nutritional value of Old Amsterdam 48+ cheese, per 100 gram:
    * Energy: 1755 kJ (418 kcal)
    * Protein: 29 g
    * Carbohydrates: 0 g
    * Fat: 35 g

    What is the nutritional value of Old Amsterdam?

  • This is common with the more mature cheese varieties such as Old Amsterdam. The white deposit consists of crystals formed during maturation. It is perfectly edible.

    What is that white deposit on the cheese?

  • No, unfortunately not, because cheese contains cow's milk protein. You could try soy cheese.

    Can I eat cheese if I have a cow's milk protein allergy?

  • Yes, you can, because cheese does not contain gluten.

    Can I eat cheese if I have a gluten allergy?

  • Slicing, cutting and shredding is easier with a warm cutting tool. Hold the slicer, knife or grater in hot running water before use and it will cut through the cheese effortlessly.

    How can I slice, cut or shred cheese more easily?

  • Approximately 10 litres of milk are used to make 1 kilo of cheese. The exact amount depends on the type of cheese.

    How many litres of milk does 1 kilo of cheese contain?